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Remote Data Systems, Wetland monitoring

Remote Data Systems provides innovative solutions for Wetland, Ground Water and Environmental Monitoring Instrumentation since 2002. Reasons for monitoring open-water levels include Documentation of hydrology for wetland delineations or mitigation, Stormwater retention/detention pond or infiltration basin performance documentation, Irrigation pond/canal level records, drawdown rates, Wildlife impoundment management, Zero order stream, intermittent or perennial stream determinations, Groundwater modeling calibration, Drainage effect documentation, Documentation of rainfall and resulting rise in groundwater/open water levels, Tide level data/upstream influence extent determination and Aquiculture pond management.

Located in Eastern North Carolina, RDS serves universities, corporations and governments with innovative groundwater monitoring solutions. 





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PO Box 587

Leland, NC 28451


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1212 Cedar Hill Road 

Navassa, NC 28451 




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