Special 20% Growing Season Discount has been extended.

Due to an overwhelming response, we are continuing our 20% growing season discount on all of our RDS Ecotone WM Water Level Monitors through the end of December.  Pricing on our website for the RDS Ecotone WM Water Level Monitors reflect the 20% discount.  View our WM Discount Ad.

Our additional 5% discount for Society of Wetland Scientists members has also been extended to the end of December.  SWS members will need to call us to place your order so we can apply the discounts.

RDS receives Endorsement for Seibert Stakes (click on NEWS).

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RDS Kayak/Canoe Trail Markers are great for clubs, associations and parks.  Clearly mark the route of paddle sport... Read More

Remote Data Systems, Inc. - Hydrology Monitoring

Remote Data Systems, Inc. has provided solutions for hydrology monitoring since 1993.  Reasons for monitoring groundwater and open water levels include Documentation of hydrology for wetland delineations or mitigation, Stormwater retention/detention pond or infiltration basin performance documentation, Irrigation pond/canal level records, drawdown rates, Wildlife impoundment management, Zero order stream, intermittent or perennial stream determinations, Groundwater modeling calibration, Drainage effect documentation, Documentation of rainfall and resulting rise in groundwater/open water levels, Tide level data/upstream influence extent determination and Aquiculture pond management.

Located in Eastern North Carolina, RDS serves universities, corporations and governments with innovative groundwater monitoring solutions.




Mailing Address

PO Box 587

Leland, NC 28451


Physical Location

1212 Cedar Hill Road 

Navassa, NC 28451 



Contact Us

(910) 383-1960

(800) 340-3133 - Toll Free

(910) 383-1964 - Fax


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